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BitShuva Radio ( - the framework that powers radio on the web.

BitShuva Radio is a framework for building internet radio stations with intelligent social features like community rank, thumb-up/down songs, community song requests, and machine learning that responds to the user's likes and dislikes and plays more of the good stuff.

Ready to build your own radio station? Check out our Getting Started docs. (Not a programmer? No worries. Contact us, we’ll build you a custom radio station playing your music.)

What does it look like? BitShuva is behind several successful radio stations on the web, including:

  • Chavah Messianic Jewish Radio - the very best Messianic Jewish and Hebrew Roots religious music on the web

  • PrairieAsunder - local, independent rock and folk music from Central Illinois, US
  • HabeshaMuzika – Ethiopian radio.

  • YdlRadio: underground indie music:

  • Usound Radio - a new kind of radio that's driven by listeners and promotes independent musicians:

  • Drumabase – African music, primarily hip hop in French Portuguese and other African languages.

  • Hmong Radio – modern music from the Hmong community:
  • BoomZika – radio for the Balkan community:
  • CopticBox - music, chants, prayers from the Egyptian Coptic Christian religious community

  • iNaija – Nigerian hip hop radio

Interested in having a radio station of your own? BitShuva lets you do that, and it's 100% free and open source. Need some help getting started? Contact me.

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